About lawyer

My name is Ilona Waskan.

I have been running a law firm in Koszalin since 2012.

I have many years of professional experience gained in numerous lawsuits.

My goal is to provide reliable assistance in solving any legal problem.

Working with my law firm, you can be sure that a professional and experienced lawyer is taking care of your cases at every stage of the proceedings.



Family law

  • divorce,
  • separation
  • division of matrimonial property
  • alimony
  • parental authority
  • fixing contacts with the child
  • fixing the child’s place of residence



  • determination of inheritance acquisition (based on the regulation or testament)
  • division of inheritance
  • disinheritance
  • rejection of inheritance,


Compensation/ Real estate law/ Contract law/ Civil law

  • obtaining documents from Polish registers, courts, authorities, land and mortgage registers
  • fixing formalities with Polish authorities and in courts
  • representation of foreigners in court disputes and administrative proceedings pending in Polish courts and institutions
  • representation of foreigners in cases referring to property situated in Poland (houses, lands, apartments)
  • conducting negotiations with customers/debtors/creditors in Poland
  • acquisitive prescription and dissolution of co-ownership,


Criminal law

  • defence of foreigners in criminal cases
  • representation of the aggrieved foreigners in criminal proceedings
  • assistance in interrogation at the police/prosecutor’s office
  • arrest warrant
  • electronic surveillance

How to contact me?

phone: 502-902-204


office: 75-613 Koszalin, ul. Zwycięstwa 140/230

account number: Nr swift; bic: BPKOPLPW 85 1020 2791 0000 7802 0193 5667